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HEM Vladimir Chizhov introduced by Baron Frans van Daele

Diplomatic debate
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HEM Vladimir Chizhov Russian Mission to the European Union

introduced by Baron Frans van Daele, Minister of State

Russia and the EU: towards the new constructive relations on a shared continent

Today we witness a growing tension in international relations. Unfortunately, it has an impact on Russia-EU relations.
However, natural neighbourhood, shared cultural links and history, multi-faceted economic ties as well as active people-to-people contacts obviously create a basis that should keep both sides away from confrontation.

There is potential to work on a creative and unifying agenda for Russia-EU relations and our common mission is to unleash it.

In the course of forthcoming debate the Permanent representative of the Russian Federation to the EU, Ambassador Vladimir Chizhov and Baron Frans van Daele, former Chef of Cabinet of His Majesty the King of Belgium will discuss ways of promoting constructive relations between Russia and the EU aimed at solving bilateral and global problems.

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