Activities available to members

Conference lunches

Twice a month, the Cercle welcomes an important individual from the financial, economic or political world on the occasion of a lunch, which is followed by a presentation or a question and answer session. These bi-monthly meetings, which are reserved for members, regularly bring together over a hundred participants who are happy with a formula that brings together the pleasure of quality cooking and the interest inherent in a high level discussion. 

Lunch meetings

Meeting lunches are convivial occasions during which a personality (whether or not a member of the Cercle) who is recognised in the academic, economic, financial or political world is invited to lunch with members who register for this activity. This is an opportunity for members to get to know those who come to share their experience.

Business round tables

Personalities in the world of economics rarely have the opportunity to meet those from the world of diplomacy, despite the fact that Belgium welcomes an extremely high number of diplomatic representatives: to the King and the European Union but also to NATO. It is to remedy this that the Cercle arranges “diplomatic round tables” during which members have the privilege of meeting the principal ambassadors posted to Belgium.

The Cercle’s miscellaneous activities

In addition to its lunches, the Cercle arranges outside activities: visits to firms, cultural exhibitions, participation in openings, cocktail parties etc.

Benefits for members

Every month the Newsletter and the Cercle’s Web site offer members many benefits such as free seats and/or special price reductions for cultural, musical, sporting or social events (shows, plays, fairs, exhibitions, previews, festivals etc).

What is more, given the excellent relations the Cercle maintains with the Hotel Amigo, the hotel offers members a reduction in room price on presentation of their membership card. 

Situated in the heart of Brussels, between the famous Grand Place and its brick houses, the Hotel Amigo provides a quiet and elegant setting. Considered one of the most beautiful hotels in Brussels, the Amigo provides a 5 star standard of quality and service.

You yourself, as well as your guests, friends or business associates can benefit from a more than exceptional tariff at the Hotel Amigo, as well as a glass of champagne which is offered with ever booking.

Private functions at the Cercle

The doors of the Cercle’s function rooms are open to those who would like to arrange private and business functions.

From business lunches, through working breakfasts and seminars, to major wedding receptions, the premises have been adapted to cater for events bringing together up to 1,000 people.

More informations

Wine cellar

A very beautiful vaulted cellar at the Cercle has been completely cleaned out and adapted for its new use: storing the best bottles that members want to store there in thirty or so secure mini-cellars.

In return for a modest “corkage fee”, members who own a mini-cellar will have the opportunity to offer the best of their vintages to their guests.


The Cercle Lorraine has concluded an agreement with Interparking, which runs the “Poelaert” car park under the square of the same name with a view to assisting members’ use of it when they are coming to the Cercle.

Interparking has arranged, at no fee, a personalised “Corporate” card to be made available to each member. The card will allow them to gain entry, not only to the Poelaert car park but to the 68 other car parks that Interparking runs in Brussels.

At the end of each month, Interparking draws up a single invoice based on the actual use of parking time by each member. This is chargeable to the Cercle’s operating company. In its turn, the latter re- invoices the sums involved to each of its members.

The Cercle has also negotiated with Interparking a 10% reduction in parking fees at the Poelaert for members, as well as free subscription to the “Corporate” card.

The Golf Club and its captain offer members numerous opportunities to meet up. Lunches arranged throughout the year allow members to meet at the Cercle for a convivial moment. During the golf season, the Cercle’s team takes part in various matches and the traditional major inter-club tournaments.
During the year, members offer one another the opportunity to discover new golf courses with beautiful greens. Lastly, at the end of winter, a golf trip specifically designed for members and their wives is also provided. 


A core of loyal supporters regularly meets up at Cuban cigar tasting dinners. The person responsible for this activity takes care to vary the region, whilst remaining intransigent on the subject of the quality of the cigars. A surprise epicurean, devotee guest attends each meeting (Zini Davidoff to name but one).   

Like a good many of its members, the Cercle is keen on beautiful, special cars or better still, their ancestors. So every year the Cercle arranges trips to allow “aficionados” to discover beautiful regions. Those bitten by the bug of beautiful upholstery and spellbinding engines regularly meet up for a friendly lunch: a real forum for exchanging information, tips and good ideas. Enthusiasts and owners of such jewels cannot miss taking part in these meetings. 

The Cercle regularly arranges dinners where speakers linked to the world of hunting and fishing come to share their enthusiasm for nature and fauna with our members. The Cercle also organises hunting and fishing trips in Belgium and abroad, whilst clay pigeon shooting also brings together a great many connoisseurs each year. 

Several times a year the Cercle suggests some four to five day trips for members and their wives. These jaunts are meant to be cultural, fun-filled and entertaining.  At the preparatory stage for these mini-trips, information lunches and dinners are organised so as to be better able to meet members’ expectations.

Cercle members who are motorbike enthusiasts can share their “on two wheels” experiences during motorbike dinners and outings arranged regularly by the Cercle. Whether they take place around a convivial table or on roads stretching out across countryside that is different every time, the purpose of these activities is to weave a real bond between machine and rider. The idea is, above all, to cultivate, between friends, a taste for great performance, an enthusiasm for design and pleasure in the sport in its widest sense. 

Members of the Cercle Bridge Club get together once a month to exercise and perfect their skills. What is more they take part in numerous matches and challenges throughout the year, including the traditional inter-Cercle “duplicate bridge” tournament followed by dinner and a mini tournament.

Lots of members are enthusiastic sailors. Sea trips are regularly organised and members get together at lunches several times a year to talk about their sailing experiences. All the fundamental aspects of sailing are discussed in a lively and enthusiastic way: theory, practice, events, human adventures, unusual yachts etc.

Our Cercle has just set up a new club: the Tennis Club. Club captain, René Grootaert, will offer you all kinds of activities, including tournaments that cannot be overlooked.   

Partner Clubs

Grâce aux accords de réciprocité, tous ces cercles sont accessibles aux membres du Cercle de Lorraine.

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